Luke Francis Haseler  - b.1989 - visual artist and designer, portrait painter, fine art picture maker and poet based in London, with a growing art direction practice for a range of creative fields; seeking ultimately to give form to stories which compel the idea of the human spirit and the nature of things; to give value to our existence by establishing spaces for reflection, correspondence and feeling. 

Passionate about the visceral experience of seeing artwork in the flesh, he has a record of transforming disused spaces into environments for multi-discipline arts collaboration and exhibition. Working closely with visual artists, dancers, musicians, performers and theatre makers, Luke spends his time between London, Poland and Italy - creating bridges for cultural exchange and fusing inspirations for original and captivating artworks, whilst referencing our history, place and context.

For the past five years, Luke has been mastering the ancient medium of buon fresco painting, with the intention of further investing his talents in the context of architectural and spatially oriented design projects; to question the sustainability of our modern materials, about how traditional techniques can enhance the application of our new technologies.

At the close of 2023, Luke produced an independent trilogy exhibition titled BAROCK : a bridge between the renaissance and rock ‘n’ roll - at NO QUARTER on Dirty Lane, London. Showcasing a solo retrospective cycle of over 100 artworks, curated with live performances in poetry, dance and music - spanning a three month period, which gave an audience of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world, the opportunity to see for the first time, the produce of a decades worth of his work - for the small price of their curiosity. It signalled the close of one chapter, and an exhilarating start to the next.

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