LfH Jewellery - (Lef Hük)

HellCat Ring

The latest edition to Luke's armoury is the craft of jewellery making. Having been an avid collector of The Great Frog London for many years, he developed a relationship with its F(l)ounder Pat Pattisson, who consequently become a mentor. Encouraging a practice which was spurred by a trip to Birmingham, where Luke delved into a family history of silversmithing and jewellery making which culminated in the successful career of William Hair Haseler over 100years ago. This determined Luke to bring back Haseler silver for the 21st Century - with a whole new character befitting of the age.

The first in the collection is The HelCat. A bold opening statement of craftsmanship, design and character. Setting the stage for an original set of daemon guides or talismans which in folklore are to drive evil by council from within and protect from with out, like gargoyles who adorn the parapets.

The imagined character is carved directly into a hardwax

Refined gradually until the flow of forms is reached.

Cast using the ancient Lost Wax method allowing for the intricacy of the whole to be maintained.

Finally signed, oxidised and polished to certify originality and give fullness to the form.

From all of us backstage..

'Thank you and be back soon'


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