A Short History

 Luke Francis Haseler was born in London to Polish and French heritage. From a young age, Luke displayed an innate talent and passion for the arts, capturing the hearts of those around him with his remarkable artistic abilities.

Growing up in a supportive environment, Luke's family recognised his artistic potential and encouraged him to explore his creative instincts. Having studied at various institutions including The European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, Central St. Martins Byam Shaw, Falmouth University and The London Atelier of Representational Art - Luke has acquired invaluable skills from different places. However his independant and unwavering commitment to his practice has meant that he had not stayed in one place for long, always looking for new challenges to apply what he had learnt. In 2011 he moved to Poland to set up his first studio. 

In 2013, he founded the art collective Vermilion Hook with Sean Rohr, who went on to produce three independent fine-art exhibitions bridged with performance, poetry, cabaret and music; namely the ‘Wine-Dark Sea’, in the basement of infamous Soho tailor Mark Powell and across three floors at 26 Greek Street.

As part of Vermilion Hook, Luke was responsible for the acquisition of the building that became the cultural hub and project space Platform Southwark, curation of events and the design of their co-working studio at the heart of a conceptual intersection of the visual and performative arts.

For seven years Luke was the artist in residence and site manager at The Workshop London SE1, where he built a dynamic working environment and continued to develop his practice as a painter and picture-maker. Working alongside a diverse community of different artists, entrepreneurs and start-ups including the one of a kind Museum of Migration.

 It was here that he also facilitated rehearsal space for actors, theatre makers, musicians and dancers. This gave Luke the opportunity to continue consulting and collaborating on a spectrum of creative projects, providing a source of inspiration for the future shape of his practice.

The project which defines his ten year career is The Chapel, an experiential apartment in the French Alps which Luke designed, built and hand finished over two years 2018-2020. Contributing his first mural painting in Buon Fresco, completing not only his Grand Tour of Italian painting, but the narrative and final wall covering of the space.

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