commission a painting 

by Luke Francis Haseler

"A good picture, faithful and worthy of the dreams that gave it birth, must be created like a world. Just as creation, as we see it, is the result of several creations, the earlier ones always being completed later, so a harmonically fashioned picture consists of superimposed pictures, each fresh surface giving added reality to the dream, and raising it one degree towards perfection"  

C. Baudelaire

A fundamental dynamic contributing to the success of a portrait or painting is in the understanding of the subject. A consequence of thorough observation, inquiry and no less a dose of curiosity. Luke works both from life and from photographs to best get to know his sitters, using drawings to develop the ideas and narratives which underpin a given project. This results in a series of exercises which serve to map out the scope of the painting, and allow for the design to be remodelled and applied.  

Each client can expect a bespoke service dedicated to understanding their individual requirements.  On receipt of an inquiry with a description and budget- a consultation would be arranged with size of work and price guidelines, to determine a quote.  Upon agreement, a 50% deposit is taken to cover the initial production costs. An agreed number of design phases will provide further opportunity for consultation 

Share your ideas and give them form.

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