Reshaping Perceptions and Stimulating Collaboration: Recontextualising History, Craft, and Ideas through the Cultivation of Sensual Forms.

We understand that well-being is a consequence of the quality of vibration we experience in the environments and spaces we participate in, both within ourselves and out in the world.

The aim is to inspire perceptions to what is possible by recontextualising our history of craft, technology, and ideas. In doing so, we emphasise the importance of other value systems, such as energy, health, material, essence, hope, and imagination. Through this approach, we seek to stimulate conscious connections among individuals and communities by sharing skills and services within the remit of their employment. 

While we often specialise to cater to specific markets, the skills we acquire have a broader application when given the opportunity to interact with each other. Prioritising this interaction within a broader social and community-oriented context enriches our experiences and creates support networks that weave our individual threads into a tapestry of socio-economic significance and potential. It is through this process that inspiration becomes a form of growth.

This perspective invites diverse and contrasting ways of looking at and doing things, encouraging collaboration to seek solutions. By deciphering common ground, a language of new ideas emerges, forging untrodden paths. I envision specialisations as towers surrounded by water, growing vertically as individuals or groups level up. We may revisit the familiar to rest and reground ourselves, navigating the waters of uncertainty with courage to refresh our need for connection.

What is of utmost importance on this journey is taking the time to suspend vertical growth to think, share, and bridge laterally with those outside of or in different specialisations. It is through this lateral exchange that we avoid isolation and enrich our processes with the expertise of others. We must possess the humility to be seen as incomplete without the contributions of others and better understand the responsibility of putting our skills in service of the community. Thereby establishing a network that prioritises unique perspectives over prejudices, where there is the freedom to share and the responsibility to listen. This is the bridge effect.

One example of this pattern can be seen in the creation of worlds within the context of a blockbuster film. Various specialisations collaborate to bring a given world to life. There is no greater responsibility than to serve this tangible world we all share with as much commitment and imagination. As a species, we all possess creativity, from gardeners to engineers, nurses, cooks to policy makers; and it is by recognising this that our unique capabilities contribute, mediating divergence with a duty to convergence. Through contrasts and our differences, together celebrate working with our minds, hearts and hands.

The notion of sensual form in design entails crafting environments that align with vibration, feeling, and sensation. This involves creating spaces with the deliberate intention of inspiring emotional responses by acknowledging the significance of aesthetics, inter-relatedness and ergonomic functionality. The concept of vibration in design revolves around capturing and expressing a sense of vitality, movement, and energy. It encompasses not only the creation of such spaces but also the animating of them with activities that align harmoniously and synergistically.

The vision perceives that sectors which are typically assumed to be less oriented toward the creative industries should collaborate with those seen as definitively creative. This collaboration aims to encourage support both advisory and economic to contribute to an environment that better integrates nature with artifice, using science and the imagination to materialise open systems that enhance both the physical and spiritual experience. By embracing this approach and the values within, we can strengthen the relationship between creativity, industry, and nature; paving the way for a more truly integrated and enriching future.

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I will create a series of murals, both public and private, using fresh plaster (buon fresco) whenever possible. Through these artworks, I aim to draw attention to the natural beauty of the material and demonstrate how it can transform overlooked, abandoned, or mundane spaces into enchanting ones. Additionally, I intend to collaborate with an architect on a project to complete a design of a secular chapel that provides a contemplative space in nature.
Furthermore, starting from September, I will begin a new cycle of exhibitions to celebrate ten years since these ideas first materialised. These exhibitions will serve as a platform for a new collective that expands upon the concept of convergent contrasts, serving to platform the different branches of the arts together.

These projects and the inspiration behind them extend to cultural exchange, where I seek to foster relationships with both current and future artists-in-residence, both locally and internationally. The aim is to transcend existing limitations, particularly in physical spaces, by creating a socio-economic network that facilitates travel, connection, skill sharing, local engagement, and storytelling. This involves attracting sponsors and patrons to support the arts and organising new marketplaces.

I am seeking individuals with energetic and engaging minds, especially those experienced in managing both creative and non-creative sectors, to join a conversation about the future of cultural activity. We will explore the integration of technology in nature and the reciprocal influence between the arts and industry. I am open to assisting you in creative problem-solving and providing guidance for any project, whether it involves designing private or public spaces, organising workshops, performances, festivals, events, or exhibitions. We will carefully consider the narratives, methods and materials used in these endeavors to ensure their durability.  

Creativity is taking delight in the novelty of problem-solving, 

Long may we build bridges.


h  o  w     d  o     w   e     m  o  v  e    f  o  r  w  a  r  d   ?

we are interconnected with as many cells in the body as there are stars in the night sky

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